I lived many years in the United States where I studied and worked (in Ohio and Wyoming). I came back to France in 2002 and started to teach English to adults for different companies, mainly in the aeronautics and automobile sectors. I also taught at Louis Vuitton.

I have recently started to teach engineering students at Polytech Tours.

If you are not quite sure you understand what you just read in English I suggest you take lesson with me.

More info about my professional background, on my LinkedIn Profile.


Bachelor of Communication – University of Wyoming – USA

Maîtrise d’anglais – Université François Rabelais – Tours

DU Formateur d’anglais – Université Stendhal – Grenoble

Maud Delanoue

Coach d'Anglais pour professionnels

Formatrice certifiée DataDock - Numéro de déclaration d’activité : 24360077236

+33 6 62 08 24 86

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Contres, Bléré, Saint-Aignan, Noyers-sur-Cher

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